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Light & Darkness: Heckyl/Snide Spoiler Blog!

Just 14 days remain to pre-order Light & Darkness and Villain Pack #5: Terror Through Time! While we wait, let's enjoy some more Light & Darkness spoilers! This week, we're taking a look at He…

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Scenario #24 - Grid Scramble!

Another day, another monster attack—but when you try to morph, nothing happens! You hurry to the Command Center to find out what’s wrong.You find Alpha 5 frantically shuffling between blinking control…

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Light & Darkness: Merrick/Zen Aku Spoiler Blog!

Hey Rangers! Jonathan again, here to talk about a new fan favorite: Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger! Alongside his evil half, the villainous Zen-Aku. Both Merrick and Zen-Aku have abilities t…

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RPM: Get In Gear Spoiler Blog!

Get ready to go fast! RPM: Get in Gear is on the horizon and moving fast towards a store near you. This expansion takes what you love about the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game and speeds it…

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Light & Darkness: Leanbow/Koragg Spoiler Blog!

Greetings Rangers! Jonathan here! It’s time to talk about Light and Darkness!Light and Darkness is a very special box, featuring paired Ranger and enemy figures that represent heroes who harbor a…

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A Battle of Light & Darkness! Pre-Order the Next Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Expansions Today!

Hey Rangers! With delivery of Time Force largely complete, we're excited to open pre-orders for the newest expansions for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! This new campaign brings two new expansions…

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