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Renegade News

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Shop Our Memorial Day Sale!

Enjoy free shipping to US addresses on all orders over $100, and free bonus boxes for our Transformers, Power Rangers, G.I. JOE, and My Little Pony Deck-Building games! (Not valid for EU and UK stores…

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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Scenario #23 - Day of the Dinozords!

Hayley signals you through your morphers. “Rangers, the Dinozords are missing. Did you summon them? I haven’t heard about any monster attacks.” You quickly confirm that none of you had summoned your Z…

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First Look Inside the RPG Character Journals!

The RPG character journals are an excellent resource that help players fully customize and develop their individual characters. The journals feature not only expanded characters sheets, but much, mu…

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4 new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Expansions are Now Available to Pre-order!

Following a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the newest Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansions are now available to pre-order! Order your copies today for a October release!Rangers United:W…

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Announcing Day of Destiny - A Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Actual Play!

Tune in on the first evening of our upcoming RenegadeCon Virtual Special Edition to see what our Rangers are up to! GM Dustin Fletcher will be leading a talented cast of roleplayers as they take…

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Coming August 27th & 28th! - RenegadeCon Virtual Special Edition!

Get your free ticket now!Join us August 27th and 28th for two days of fun and excitement as we discuss, demo, and dive into some new product lines! See announcements and previews, participate in…

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