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Time Force: Wes Collins Spoiler Blog!

Time Force: Wes Collins Spoiler Blog!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jul 11th 2022

Let’s talk about WES COLLINS! The Time Force Red Ranger!

Wes Collins continues the core Time Force Themes you’ve seen with Eric and Jen which is effects swapping. His character ability is Willful Strength, which allows him to swap the attack values of cards played during battle with cards in his hand.

Wes has many attack cards that strike a bit above the usual damage curve, but come with occasional drawbacks. His Brazen Strike card costs 0 energy for 3 attack dice, but it requires him to draw a card. That extra card draw can be helpful, but also reduces his defensive options in the future. Where Chrono Break is a very reliable 3 hit attack for 1 energy that places itself on top of your deck.


Using his character ability, he can apply this enhanced damage from these cards onto allied attacks without worrying about their drawbacks.

Similarly, cards like Pay it Forward allow Wes to ramp up the base-value of his allies attack cards. If you combine it with cards like Chloe Ashford’s Hurricane Kick, found in Shattered Grid, you can deal some immense damage!


Finally his V1 Blaster brings this theme to full force, creating intense combo opportunities by allowing him to perform a 6 die attack with the bonus effects of any 0 or 1 cost combat card.

There’s a huge number of potential combo opportunities with Wes, appropriate for a hero who brings out the best in his allies!

More spoilers to come! See you next Time, Rangers! 

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