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Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Favorite: Character Hang-Ups!

Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Favorite: Character Hang-Ups!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Sep 20th 2022

Transformers Month Week 3 is here! Engaging with the community and hearing about the parts of the book they're enjoying the most is one of our favorite parts of these celebration months! In that spirit, we'll be continuing our fan-favorite polls throughout the month! Last week, we asked our Transformers community which character Hang-Up from the core rulebook was their favorite/top pick!

The community favorite Hang-Up, taking a whopping 40% of total votes, is... EARTHSPOILED! As one of our fantastic writers, James F. Sambrano, expands upon in his quote - the Earthspoiled Hang-Up features iconic elements which expectedly make it a very popular choice for players when creating their Transformers character.

We asked James F. Sambrano about the approach to designing the Hang-Ups for the Transformers Roleplaying Game. We also asked, what inspirations influenced the design of the Earthspoiled Hang-Up specifically. Here's what he said!:

"Like Background Bonds, the approach that we took to Hang-Ups was to prioritize the story behind who your Transformer was, and also to set them firmly in the lore of the Transformers universe. For example, Impulsive was inspired by Cliffhanger's attitudes toward engaging the Decepticons and Vainglorious is a not-so-subtle nod toward everyone's favorite questionably loyal fighter jet.

Earthspoiled might be the most iconic Hang-Up as it was inspired by characters like Bumblebee and Jazz. Where many Autobots came to Earth and felt uncomfortable or out of place, some of them took to loving the planet and its culture, whether it was Bumblebee loving human beings themselves, or Jazz loving music and slang."

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