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Transformers Roleplaying Game: Early PDF Release!

Transformers Roleplaying Game: Early PDF Release!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jul 21st 2022

Hey Transformers! You’ve been patient through delays, and understanding as we work through the current state of production in the world. We promised we’d meet you halfway if we could find a way! So, as a special surprise, we're thrilled to announce the EXTRA EARLY release of the Transformers Roleplaying Game PDF!

The physical corebook is still on track for a Q4 release; however, the PDF will now become available August 2nd! 

You'll be given access on August 2nd if you've already pre-ordered the physical corebook, or the PDF! Haven't yet pre-ordered? Don't worry! You can still pre-order the corebook after August 2nd to receive immediate access to the PDF, or just purchase the PDF if you'd rather!


If you need to make any cancellations to your pre-order, please let us know by July 29th. Full refunds for the PDF are only available through July 29th, as the PDF is not refundable once received!

Wait, there's more! We’re also happy to reveal the Deluxe Corebook cover! Only 3000 copies of this exclusive edition will be available, so be sure to place your pre-orders now if you’re like all of us here at Renegade, and can’t help yourself from collecting alternate cover RPG books!

Thanks again for your patience! We look forward to seeing you enjoy the game.

Looking to find some fellow Autobots to join your table for your upcoming adventures in the Transformers Roleplaying Game? Get involved with the community today by joining the Renegade Discord server! You can meet and engage with many other fans of Transformers who are excited to crack open and play the RPG!