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A group of cats has been training very hard to master their profession — shooting off the biggest and best fireworks in the world! Although they are still rookies, they hope to become experts someday. Which cat can put on the most explosive fireworks display?

The goal is to collect Fireworks Tiles and arrange them on your City Board to create stunning displays. On your turn, you launch the Fireworks Die out of the barrel and into the box. You then take some face-up Fireworks Tiles from the box and place them on your city board. The game end is triggered when a player fills up their entire City Board. Whoever has the most valuable fireworks display wins.


  • Create a stunning fireworks display!
  • Launch the Fireworks die into the night sky.
  • Collect any tiles flipped over by the Fireworks die and organize them into a beautiful array.
  • Great for 2-4 players ages 6+ to play in about 20 min! 

Contents Summary

  • 4 City Boards
  • 4 Player Aids
  • 1 Start Play marker
  • 7 Character cards
  • 7 Score markers
  • 1 Starry Sky box
  • 50 Action cards
  • 119 Fireworks tiles
  • 1 Fireworks die
  • 1 Launch Barrel
  • 1 Rulebook
2 to 4
Time to Play:
20 minutes
Game Designer:
Aza Chen
Game Artist:
Aza Chen