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  • On Sale!
    The Hunger 3D Box

    Renegade Original

    The Hunger

    Was: $50.00
    Now: $15.00

    Vampires awake from their torpor as the eternal roses are blooming. You have until sunrise to run to the labyrinth and pick the most beautiful bloom, hunting for humans on your way, tempting familiars into helping you, and increasing your powers to...

  • Transformers Deck-Building Game 3D Cover


    Transformers Deck-Building Game


    Download the revised rulebook here. Download the FAQ here. The Autobots are brave robot warriors hailing from the planet Cybertron. Their mission? To stop the Decepticons from enacting their evil schemes on Earth. In this deck-building game, you will...

  • Warp's Edge Viren Invasion PRE-ORDER

    Solo Hero Series

    Warp's Edge Viren Invasion PRE-ORDER


    The Bugs Are Back This expansion pack adds more Viren forces for pilot Taylor Minde to defeat in Warp's Edge, the solo bag-building game of space combat. Face off against new Viren motherships and their swarming fleets. But not all is doom and gloom!...

  • On Sale!
    3D Box

    Scott Pilgrim

    Scott Pilgrim Miniatures The World: Expansion Box

    Was: $125.00
    Now: $25.00

    Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World base game is required to use these expansions. Learn more about Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World here! Scott Pilgrim Miniatures the World is a competitive board game where one team takes on the role of...

  • On Sale!
    Terror Below 3d box

    Renegade Original

    Terror Below

    Was: $45.00
    Now: $10.00

    Lately, there have been strange goings on in the wide open spaces of the Nevada desert. A few black trucks just hurtlin’ in and out of town. About that time the rumblin’ started. But it weren’t no earthquake. No, it was them Worms...

  • G.I. JOE Deck Building Game Coldsnap Expansion 3D Box

    G.I. JOE

    G.I. JOE Deck-Building Game Coldsnap Expansion


    Download the rulebook here! It’s Cold-Blooded Chaos… Bundle up and prepare to face the Coldsnap! Battle Destro and the Weather dominator device before the world freezes. Then, face off against Zartan and his Dreadnok gang before the world...

  • Transformers Deck Building Card Game Jazz Promo Pack


    Transformers Deck-Building Game Bonus Pack


    This Transformers Deck-Building Game Bonus Pack is Renegade exclusive and not available through distribution! It features fan-favorite music lover Jazz as a playable character, as well as 4 additional cards for the main deck!

  • Warp's Edge Replacement Token Pack

    Solo Hero Series

    Warp's Edge Replacement Token Pack


    Expected back in stock Q4 2022! Order this Token Upgrade pack for use with Warp’s Edge! Token Upgrade Pack includes all tokens from the base game AND from the Viren Invasion expansion. Includes 118 Plastic Upgraded Tokens!

  • Transformers Deck-Building Game: A Rising Darkness 3D Box


    Transformers Deck-Building Game: A Rising Darkness


    Download the rulebook here. Become a mighty Decepticon and race to defeat the Autobots in this standalone expansion to the Transformers Deck-Building Game! This expansion is compatible with the core game and will offer 2 primary modes of play:...