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Outbreak Undead 2nd Edition Game Master's Tokens

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Now: $4.00
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“Gamemaster,” these tokens are a measure of the character’s dwindling chances of survival. Why do you bring such misery to people you profess to care so much for? the RISK increases, the DAMAGE they take increases and you sit confident that they’ll still enjoy themselves?

 -A Friend

 These tokens allow gamemasters to keep track of their Risk pool as well as for players to see how much damage their characters have taken to see how hard it will be for them to heal.

At a Glance

  • 11 Yellow Triangular Risk Tokens
  • 10 Red Square Damage Tokens
Game Designer:
Christopher De La Rosa
Game Artist:
Christopher De La Rosa
Game Artist:
Anthony Jones
Game Artist:
Shar Tuiasoa
Game Artist:
Kent E. Davis
Game Artist:
Caleb Cleveland