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Overlight Adventure #1 Ivory Mausoleum

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A legacy stolen. A bond betrayed. Cut loose by their families and their homeland, two individuals are cast adrift, with no light to guide them.

When the Skyborn are asked to tracking down a missing delivery, they get caught up in the schemes of a pair of villains, who are determined to forge their own mark upon the world with blood and bone. As the long memory of the Aurumel reaches the remote thundering grounds of Pyre, the fallout is epic in scale. 

The Ivory Mausoleum is an adventure for Overlight, the roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantast. You can run the adventure for new characters or as part of an ongoing campaign!


  • Track down the missing delivery and get caught up in the schemes of a pair of villains.
  • A three-part adventure set in the remote and thundering grounds of Pyre
  • Run this adventure with new Overlight Characters or as part of an ongoing campaign!
2 or more
Game Designer:
Chris Williams
Game Designer:
Paul Alexander Butler
Game Artist:
Joanna Barnum