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Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal Preview!

Hunter: The Reckoning Character Journal Preview!

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jun 29th 2022

To celebrate the release of Hunter: The Reckoning, we would like to share a first look inside of the Hunter Character Journal! These character journals are an excellent resource that help players fully customize and develop their characters. The journals feature not only expanded characters sheets, but much, much more. The majority of the journals are rich with prompts and writing hooks to assist in creating your version of the perfect character!

The table of contents will grant a picture of just what you can expect to find inside of these journals. As can be seen, the journal features numerous subsections to cover the many different facets of a character. Plus, each journal houses an expanded character sheet, and plenty of note taking space, so all of your playing materials can be kept in one place!

Today we're going to preview a few of the core sections of this journal, to give you a taste of what lies within, and how it can benefit your play experience! 

In addition to the many subsections where you will build your character’s depth and backstory, the journals also contain a space for your character’s stats!

The first eight pages of the journal contain a beautifully designed expanded version of our Hunter character sheet. This will allow you some more flexibility and space to house all of your character’s stats in one, easy to reference place, right within your journal.


A Hunter’s cell is incredibly important. After all, for some Hunters, their cell is the only family they know. With that in mind, we deemed it crucial to have a portion of the journal dedicated to writing your character’s thoughts on each of their cell members.

Outside of the organization benefits this grants, this aspect of the journals can provide excellent roleplaying opportunities for your table. What if one of your fellow Hunters steals your journal? What if you wrote something romantic about them? What if you uncovered details about their past that they didn’t know you are aware of? We’ll leave the playing to you, but you can see the many possibilities for some great interactions!

The final 30 pages of the character journal grant space for taking session notes throughout your chronicle! This way, depending on the length of your chronicle, you can observe your character’s perspective of their story from beginning to end!

A fun tip from our team is to record session notes in-character! This can add a great amount of depth to even some of the most obscure parts of your chronicle, and similar to the aforementioned scenarios regarding notes on your cell members, may present engaging roleplay opportunities!

In addition to all of these aspects, the journals also provide useful endsheets with information on key gameplay terms and mechanics! This is available for optimal convenience, just in case you need to reference something small quickly, and don’t want to go trudging through the core book!

The overall purpose of these journals is to assist their user in developing a comprehensive character with a high degree of depth to optimally enrich their Hunter: The Reckoning experience!

We hope you enjoyed this first-look preview inside the journal! We cannot wait to see these journals in your hands, and to hear about the incredible Hunters you develop with the tools they provide!

Want to get started on your character while you wait for the journal? We're hosting a character creation competition for Hunter: The Reckoning on the Renegade Discord server! Join the server and head over to the #hunter-character-creation-competition channel to get started! The winner and their character will be featured in an official blog, and get exclusive community perks!