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Renegade News

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Heroscape News - Casual Play

Heroscape News

Casual Organized Play

In-Store Tournaments!

Join the Battle of All-Time at your favorite local hobby game store and win special prizes!

At launch, Renegade Game Studios will provide advanced tournament software for players, judges, and event organizers. Players will be able to register and find events, pre-build their army, earn achievements, and display all of their accomplishments to other players from the Heroscape Battle Network.

Heroscape Launch Tournament!


Heroscape Monthly Scenarios!

Every month there will be a Heroscape Monthly Scenario release that you can download for free and use for casual play at home or at in-store events!

These scenarios will add fun and exciting twists to their Heroscape games. Each month will feature a unique Scenario, adding fun and exiting twists to your game. Sometimes this may be a new map setup, unique rulesets, or special objectives.

Visit the Bonus Content page on the Heroscape website to find a new free scenario available on the first Monday of every month, starting in September!

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