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Where to Start

Battle for the Wellspring

This Battle Box is the ideal option for new players who want to test the waters. This box contains the perfect amount of content to begin your Heroscape journey, or to add to your existing collection!

Age of Annihilation

Master Set

The Age of Annihilation Master Set is a must-have addition to the Heroscape player’s collection! It contains a generous amount of content, including 74 hex terrain tiles and 20 miniatures, to support hours of play!

How to Play

Construct your battlefield, craft your army, and claim glory in the wars of Valhalla! Learn to play the greatest miniature game ever made.

Full how to play video coming soon!


Keep up to date on the most recent news out of Valhalla!

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Heroscape Age of Annihilation Master Set

Heroscape Battle for the Wellspring

Heroscape The Grove at Laur's Edge

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