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Heroscape Story

What is


Heroscape is a war game, meaning you will assemble troops and battle your opponent for the fate of the land and its people. As a Valkyrie General, your mission is to gather a well-balanced Army, lead them boldly into battle, and wage war strategically to conquer the enemy. Good luck. And may the best Valkyrie General win!

The World of Valhalla

Valhalla is a world that once was serene and untroubled by strife. A place of varied landscapes, it features lush forests and commanding mountain ranges, stark deserts, and boundless oceans that hold the secrets of millennia.

Today an eternal war rages across Valhalla. It is a bloody contest between the galaxy’s mightiest warriors, monsters, heroes, and villains, collected from all time and space, to decide the ultimate fate of our universe.

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