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Heroscape News - Competitive Play

Heroscape News

Competitive Organized Play

Are you the best Heroscape player there ever was? Compete with the top players throughout the world to see if you have what it takes to earn the fortune and glory that lies open for the taking upon the battlefields of Valhalla.

Heroscape Store Championship

Local game stores will be able to host their own championship event starting in April 2025. Store Championship events will feature exclusive prizes, and the Store Champion will earn a guaranteed seat at Day Two of the 2025 World Championship event. Stay tuned for more information on the coming Store Championships!

Heroscape Regional Championship

Regional Championships will also be coming in 2025 at conventions and select game stores. These will be large-scale events and feature exclusive prizes unique to these events. Top-placing players will earn a guaranteed seat at Day Two of the 2025 World Championship. 

2025 Heroscape World Championship

The 2025 Heroscape World Championship will be a three-day tournament to crown the World Champion. There will be exclusive participation prizes for all players who participate and legendary rewards for top-placing players. Day One qualifying rounds will be open to all players who haven’t already earned a seat at Day Two from a Store Championship or Regional Championship event.

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