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Transformers Deck-Building Game: Range, Block, and Encounters

Transformers Deck-Building Game: How Does It Work?Range, Block, and EncountersTransformers Deck-Building Game utilizes three main resources: Power, Range, and Move. Of the three of these, Range is th…

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Light & Darkness: Tyzonn / Cursed Tyzonn Spoiler Blog!

Hey guys, we’re back with another Hero / Villain spoiler blog from Light and Darkness! This time it’s Tyzonn, the Mercury Ranger, and Cursed Tyzonn.  Tyzonn is the first appearance of an Ope…

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Transformers Month Week 3: Content, Competition, and More!

It's time for week 3 of Transformers Month! To celebrate the release of the Transformers Roleplaying Game PDF, and the upcoming release of the physical book, we've crafted some free bonus content for…

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Transformers Roleplaying Game Community Favorite: Character Hang-Ups!

Transformers Month Week 3 is here! Engaging with the community and hearing about the parts of the book they're enjoying the most is one of our favorite parts of these celebration months! In that spiri…

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Light & Darkness: Jarrod/Dai Shi Spoiler Blog!

Alright! Another Light and Darkness Spoiler Blog! Finally we get to talk about one of my personal favorite pairings from the pack: Jarrod, and the evil Dai Shi! Jarrod, the Black Lion Warrior has the…

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Light & Darkness: Merrick/Zen Aku Spoiler Blog!

Hey Rangers! Jonathan again, here to talk about a new fan favorite: Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger! Alongside his evil half, the villainous Zen-Aku. Both Merrick and Zen-Aku have abilities t…

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