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Light & Darkness: Merrick/Zen Aku Spoiler Blog!

Hey Rangers! Jonathan again, here to talk about a new fan favorite: Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger! Alongside his evil half, the villainous Zen-Aku. Both Merrick and Zen-Aku have abilities t…

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Transformers Month Week 1: CELEBRATIONS BEGIN!

It's time for Transformers Month! To celebrate the release of the Transformers Roleplaying Game PDF, and the upcoming release of the physical book, we've crafted some incredible free bonus c…

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Gen Con 2022 with Renegade - The Highlights!

Gen Con 2022 was Renegade's biggest and best yet! We had a blast with everyone who joined us. Missed the show this year? Here are some of the highlights from our week!: Our booth was HUGE…

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Gen Con 2022 - Renegade Community Highlights!

Gen Con 2022 was so much fun! Through all of our Gen Con planning, community was our central focus. Making our community happy is why we do what we do. So to get the opportunity to see so many of them…

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Transformers Roleplaying Game Character Creation Competition

The Transformers Roleplaying Game Character Creation Competition will be active from August 10th - September 30th, with a winner being voted upon and selected during the final week! The goal of t…

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Time Force: Lucas Kendall Blog!

Time for another Time Force reveal! Last but certainly not least, Lucas Kendall arrives to the spoiler party fashionably late.Lucas’ signature ability is his Flexibility. He’s excellent at adapti…

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