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Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Miniatures: Compatibility Guide

Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Miniatures: Compatibility Guide

Posted by Renegade Game Studios on Jul 18th 2022

So, you’ve got yourself a copy of the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game. Well, in tabletop roleplaying game fashion (TTRPG), it is now time to start adorning your dining room table with miniatures galore! Miniatures are a common accessory to any TTRPG, as they provide a physically tangible outlet to the creativity and vision of your table’s story. However, in the context of an RPG, where and how to get started with adding miniatures to your table can be a prospect that isn’t entirely clear - especially for folks new to roleplaying games (RPG)!

It is important to recognize that RPG miniatures come in many different sizes, and despite what a certain green mystical master once said, size does matter - at least in this context! Below, you can see a chart from Chapter 10 of the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game core rulebook. The chart displays the different size classes of miniatures, how each affects different game mechanics, as well as how they are scaled inside the world of your campaign!

This presents a great place to start when determining which miniatures you want for your game! For instance, you will likely want a common sized miniature for each of your players to represent their Rangers on the table.

This is where the new Hero Miniature Set 1 comes in handy! The miniatures featured in this set reflect approximations of the famous power suits and weaponry from canon characters! However, players can and should make these miniatures their own by painting to represent their individual characters! These miniatures sit on a 1" base, making them common size class creatures in your RPG! These miniatures will take up one square on your RPG battle mat.

Now that we have our players covered with miniatures on the table, what about the monsters our Rangers will face off against?

We have a long compendium of Monster miniatures available for use right now! Each of the Monster miniatures from Heroes of the Grid are compatible with the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game! These miniatures sit on a larger base than our hero miniatures, at nearly 2", making them large size class creatures in your RPG! When placing these on your battle mat, they will take up a 2x2 square space, as detailed on the table above.

Whether you're facing off against Rhinoblaster or King Sphinx, we've got you covered! Here's a list of each Monster miniature currently available from our Heroes of the Grid games and bonus packs!:

Pudgy PigCore Box
Madame WoeCore Box
Knasty KnightCore Box
BonesCore Box
Black DragonShattered Grid Expansion
Ranger SlayerShattered Grid Expansion
Evil Green RangerKickstarter Exclusive Box
FinsterKickstarter Exclusive Box
RhinoblasterKickstarter Exclusive Box
RobogoatKickstarter Exclusive Box
Pumpkin RapperKickstarter Exclusive Box
PrimatorKickstarter Exclusive Box
Eye GuyKickstarter Exclusive Box
Commander CrayfishVillain Pack #1
PolluticornVillain Pack #1
Prince GasketVillain Pack #2: Machine Empire
Princess ArcherinaVillain Pack #2: Machine Empire
General VenjixVillain Pack #2: Machine Empire
SquattSquatt & Baboo Character Pack
BabooSquatt & Baboo Character Pack
King SphinxVillain Pack #3: Legacy of Evil
Terror ToadVillain Pack #3: Legacy of Evil
PirantisheadVillain Pack #3: Legacy of Evil
Evil Dino Thunder WhiteDino Thunder Pack
BlazeRangers United
RoxyRangers United
DarkondaRangers United
ElsaVillain Pack #4: A Dark Turn
EcliptorVillain Pack #4: A Dark Turn
HeximasSanta vs. Heximas Holiday Pack
Evil Robot TommyLegendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack

We planned this as a part of our system to provide our players with as many miniature options as possible, as soon as possible! Official stat blocks will eventually be seen for all of these monsters - some of which have already been released!

If you're having trouble locating a stat block for a particular monster you'd like to use in your adventure, we suggest heading over to the Renegade Discord server! The Power Rangers RPG community has made an abundance of homebrew threat resources for community use while we wait for all of the official RPG resources that will come in the future!

So we've covered monsters, but what about some foot soldiers to follow these big-bads into battle? Every foot soldier miniature from our Heroes of the Grid games and bonus packs sit on a 1" base, just like the Hero Set RPG miniatures! This means that these miniatures will take up one square on your RPG battle mat.

Here's a list of each Foot Soldier miniature currently available from our Heroes of the Grid games and bonus packs!:

Putty PatrollerCore Box
Super Putty PatrollerCore Box
Tenga WarriorsKickstarter Exclusive Box
Z Putty PatrollersKickstarter Exclusive Box
QuantronsRise of the Psycho Rangers
TronicsRangers United
CogsMerciless Minion Pack #1
CyclobotsMerciless Minion Pack #1
Mastodon TrooperShattered Grid Expansion

With these miniatures, you'll be well equipped to get started with playing the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game! Plus, in purchasing the Heroes of the Grid Core Box, you get access to another awesome Power Rangers tabletop game! 

More miniatures that are made specifically for the RPG, like Hero Set 1, are of course coming in the future! Though in the meantime, we wanted to present these great options that we planned to have available for our players right now!

If you have questions or still are feeling like you aren't quite sure where to start, join our Discord! The community members and staff on that server are always eager to help answer any and all questions about the Power Rangers Roleplaying Game, and other Renegade games!